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A Big Ogre Wants to Help

Big Ogre is helping connect people to work.  If you are currently seeking work in technology, submit your resume.

Using our technology network, Big Ogre is going to work to find one or more individuals a job through a process of:

1) Screening and selection

2) Process preparation and objective setting ($250 value)

3) Resume review and rewrite in modern form ($300 value)

4) Network appeal and introduction

5) Success and pay it forward

To learn more.

Upcoming Events

  • Launch Event
    A Launch Event for a One Man Band? Yes. I haven't spoken to a lot of you in awhile. I would love to hear what you're up to. Sadly, I can't open a tab or serve you in person, but stop on in. Pick a time that suits you. Timeslots are to make sure we can hear each other.
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