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Fighter Pay - We Want Your Perspective!

Fighter pay... Everybody agrees fighters take damage and their fans want them to make more money.  Everybody believes that promoters make more than they actually do.  There is only so much that is available to distribute per show and the best way to pay fighters more money is to create new money, share it fairly and build fighters brands faster.

This project will use new branding methods and new technology designed to create new money. In doing so, a fighter can continue to make money from their fight long after the night of the fight by sharing in digital revenue.

The key objectives are:

  1. Creating new revenue that can be shared with fighters other than just a % of sales and show/win.

  2. Provide a platform for fighters to grow and engage with their base so that they can be more easily noticed by larger promotions.

  3. Allow fighters to provide new forms of collectibles and experiences that ensure their fans continue engaging (attending fights, merch, Social Media).

We are currently reaching out to a number of fighters to make sure we understand their appetite for this in hopes that we can find a few volunteers and better our ideas.

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If you would like to learn more and contribute your ideas, please take our survey.

Who Are We

Big Ogre Advisory is collecting information on behalf of another organization in their desire to bring an amazing product to life... something they truly believe will benefit others.

If you have a Web3 project that you would like to discuss, please contact us. 

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