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Wallet Pass Engagement: Refer a Friend

Use a barcode field on your Wallet Pass to quickly Refer a Friend.

You are the head of loyalty for your brand or retail chain and you want to drive traffic to your program. You know better than anybody that "how did you do that" from one friend to another is the absolute best referral.

With a wallet pass and a refer a friend incentive, the best answer to that question becomes "oh - hold up your camera" over a QR code that points to your loyalty program.

From cosmetics to shoes to any product on a shelf, the idea that people wish to emulate each other is not new. Brands and retailers understood the value of rewarding micro-influencing long before the word "influencer" stumbled into the English lexicon.

So why not use the barcode real estate on your brand's loyalty wallet pass to incentivize micro-influencing at the friend-to-friend connection level. Don't have a loyalty wallet pass? Let's talk about that.

Refer a Friend works like this:

Friend 1 says that they received a brand new trial product in the mail from their favorite brand.

Friend 2 (with a sense of envy) asks why they were selected to receive the product.

Friend 1 says "because I'm part of Our Favorite Brand's Loyalty Program".

Friend 2 asks "how do I join?".

Friend 3 says, just scan here with your phone.

Please scan the code with your phone and download our wallet pass. We would love to speak about relevant use cases for you and your customers.


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