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Front Row Forever

Vision: Become the standard for experience-based engagement across performer, promoter and platform.


Mission: To generate additional event revenue and customer loyalty to be shared between performer, promoter and venue that lives beyond the evening of the event.

Tokenized Dollars.png

The Way it Currently Works

Fans: Pay money to a promoter to go to an venue to see a performer

Venue: Provides seating and space accompanied by concessions which they sell themselves

Performer: Advertises event and interacts during the event

Promoter: Sets pricing, takes money and arranges the experience

Basic Principles of Engagement:

  1. The more a fan recalls an experience, the longer their loyalty carries forward.

  2. The more event related purchases made prior to the event, the greater the excitement for it.

  3. The more onsite labor you can remove from the concession process, the higher the throughput.

  4. We have the ability to create a digital version of a "poster on the wall".

  5. We have the ability to pre-purchase anything and digitally decrement.

  6. We have the ability to curate and showcase digital collections.

Yet still we buy tickets, merch and concessions separately and airdrop a picture of an artist.

We squander our purchasing moments.

We squander our moments to more deeply connect.

How This Could Work:


*Modelo does not endorse this project as it is not aware of it's existence. This is merely illustrative.

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